Plants That Are Required to Have a Lot of Water

Gardeners in rainy regions need not despair that their plants will wilt from being waterlogged. There is a wide variety of plants available---from tropical plants to prairie flowers---that thrive with regular watering, whether it be from the sky, an ornamental pond or from the gardener.

Abyssinian Banana

Abyssinian banana (Ensete ventricosum) is a fast growing herbaceous perennial native to tropical East Africa. Although the plant looks like a banana plant---and even produces banana-like fruit---the plant does not produce edible fruits. The Abyssinian banana is grown as an ornamental plant throughout the world, popular for its glossy, large leaves and attractive tapered trunk. The plant requires a lot of water to grow and should be watered frequently but not left standing in soggy soil. The plant does best in full sunlight in soil that is well drained and moist.

Giant Taro

Notable for its huge, elephant-shaped leaves, the rich green Giant Taro plant (Alocasia macrorrhiza) is a popular tropical foliage plant native to India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The plant flourishes in humid conditions, preferring partial sunlight and tolerating full shade. The plant can reach heights of 15 feet tall with a similar spread. The water-loving plant prefers soil that is consistently moist and humus rich. Giant Taro plants can also tolerate a moderate amount of flooding.


Native to steam sides and pond edges throughout North America, Mistflower (Conoclinium coelestinum) is a water hungry herbaceous perennial that craves moist soils of all kinds. Growing best in full to partial sunlight, Mistflower is fairly easy to grow and commonly cultivated for its fuzzy clusters of blueish pink blooms. The plant reaches an average height of 3 feet, although some species may only grow to about 15 inches.

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