How to Create Mosaic Flower Pots


If you enjoy gardening and creating different looks with your flowers, you may also enjoy jazzing up the pots the flowers are in. You can create a mosaic flower pot inexpensively. This is a craft you can do alone or with your children. You can even create mosaic flower pots as gifts for family and friends.

Step 1

Gather together your broken tiles, beads, shells, fake gems or any other small item that you want to include on your flower pot.

Step 2

Put on a pair of plastic gloves, and prepare your ceramic tile grout as instructed on the label. You can buy a ready to use tile grout, which does not require any mixing.

Step 3

Cover your flower pot with a layer of the grout. You will need to use your knife for it. If you have small children, you can give them a plastic knife to apply the grout.

Step 4

Stick your tile pieces, beads, shells and fake gems into the grout wherever you want to place them. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Be creative.

Step 5

Add a little more grout so that your decorations are even with the grout. This means that the grout comes up to the edges of each piece you put on the flower pot.

Step 6

Dip your sponge into your bowl of water and wring it out. Use the sponge to wipe off any grout you get on your decorations.

Step 7

Set your mosaic flower pot out to dry before you wrap it as a present or use it in your home.

Tips and Warnings

  • Make sure you get rid of any broken pieces of tile or glass that have sharp edges before you begin creating your mosaic flower pot.

Things You'll Need

  • Broken tiles
  • Beads
  • Shells
  • Fake gems
  • Plastic gloves
  • Ceramic tile grout
  • Terra cotta flower pot
  • Knife
  • Sponge


  • FamilyFun: Mosiac Flowerpots
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