How to Plant a Potted Pinky Winky Hydrangea


Hydrangea are native to Asia, and North and South America. There are about 75 different species of hydrangea that grow as either vines or shrubs. The Pinky Winky hydrangea has conical-shaped pink and white flowers and grows as a shrub. They reach heights of 8 feet with a spread of 8 feet. Pinky Winky hydrangeas grow well in USDA Zone 3 to 9, according to Proven Winners Plants.

Step 1

Dig a hole as deep as the pot that the hydrangea is in planted in, and two to three times as wide.

Step 2

Remove the Pinky Winky hydrangea from the pot and loosen the soil holding the plant's roots.

Step 3

Place the plant into the hole, making sure that the root ball touches the bottom of the hole, and backfill the hole with soil.

Step 4

Water the Pinky Winky hydrangea until the soil is moist and place pine mulch on top of the soil around the base.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Pine mulch


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