How to Prune Calla Lillies


Calla lily, or Zantedeschia, isn't really a lily at all. It's more closely related to caladiums and elephant ears, or taro and alum plants. The long-lasting cut blooms are perfect for any bouquet or arrangement, and are particularly breathtaking as single vase specimens complemented by a little greenery. These tender perennials are winter hardy only in USDA Planting Zones 10 and 11. As undemanding as they are lovely, your beauties will ask little of you in the way of maintenance.

Step 1

Use clean, sharp scissors or shears to cut calla lilies for your indoor arrangements beginning in mid-summer.

Step 2

Prune off spent bloom stems following flowering to keep your plants looking handsome and tidy.

Step 3

Remove any dead, damaged or diseased leaves and stems as you see them.

Step 4

Cut yellowed, withering and dying foliage off at ground level at the end of the blooming season. No other pruning is needed or desirable for calla lilies.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean, sharp scissors or shears


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