Types of Grasses for Lawn Care in Australia

Though Australia includes environments as diverse as the Australian outback to lush coastal regions, grass grows freely throughout much of the country. Gardeners that want to grow a lawn have plenty of options for hardy, low-maintenance grasses, whether they're working with hot, cracked inland soils or acidic rich soils in temperate zones.


Redgrass is a green or slightly reddish perennial grass native to Australia. Excellent for disturbed or heavy clay soils, redgrass grows primarily in slightly acidic, infertile soils. Redgrass is used to create a dense lawn or recreational turf in areas where most plants won't grow. The plant should be grown in full sunlight; this grass is very drought and heat tolerant. Not well suited to frosts, redgrass goes through a period of dormancy in the winter.

Kangaroo Grass

Growing in all states throughout Australia, kangaroo grass (Themeda triandra, syn. Themeda australis) is a widespread grass often used for lawns and pastures. The grass produces long, thin green blades which turn a deep brown or reddish purple as the seasons warm up, eventually producing attractive dark seed heads. The grass grows in full sunlight and has a high heat and drought tolerance. Kangaroo grass grows in both clay soils and sandy loams.

Weeping Grass

Native to Southern, Eastern and Western Australia, as well as Tasmania, weeping grass (Microlaena stipoides) is a low-maintenance perennial grass that has a bright green hue. Varieties such as Griffin weeping grass, Tasman and Burra are all commonly used in lawns. Weeping grass will tolerate a range of acidic soils, as well as full sun or partial shade. Weeping grass is highly drought and heat tolerant, and the grass has a moderate tolerance of salt.

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