Flowers That Bloom Year-Round

Flowers that bloom year-round can really round out a four-season garden. While planting spring, summer, winter and fall flowers and plants, a few of these year-long flowering plants will really add to the mix. Year-long flowers can help round out any garden theme and help gardeners achieve the landscape of their dreams.

Turk's Cap

Turk's cap, Malvaviscus penduliflorus, is from the mallow family and is also known as cardinal's hat or sleeping hibiscus. It is an evergreen perennial that is both fast growing and easy to grow. Flowers are 2 inches long and tubular, blooming on and off all year, and red. Leaves are oval and 8 inches long. This shrub will get 10 feet tall and can be vine-like if grown in shade. Plant this one in any soil in full sun, though it is shade tolerant. Propagate by cuttings and grow in USDA Plant Hardiness zones 9 to 11.

Traveler's Palm

Traveler's palm, Ravenala madagascariensis, is from the bird-of-paradise family and is also known as traveler's tree. It is an evergreen that attracts birds to the landscape. Leaves are 10 feet long and look like a hand fan. It can reach 30 to 60 feet tall with white flowers on a 12-inch-long inflorescence that blooms all year. Plant this one in well-drained soil in full sun or partial sun-shade. Propagate via seed, suckers, or division, and grow in USDA zones 10 to 11.

Golden Dewdrop

Golden dewdrop, Duranta erecta, is from the verbena family and is a fast-growing shrub that is also known as the pigeonberry or skyflower. It is attractive to songbirds and butterflies. Leaves are 1 to 3 inches long and flowers are tubular and a half inch wide. Blooms come all year and range in colors of blue, purple or violet. Plant this one in any soil in full sun; it also will tolerate partial shade. Propagate via seed, cuttings or layering and grow in USDA zones 9 to 11.


Oysterplant, Tradescantia spathacea, is from the spiderwort family and is an evergreen drought-resistant perennial that is easy to grow. Leaves are 6 to 12 inches long, sword-like and come from a stem 8 inches tall. Flowers are white and small, blooming all year and producing seeds year-round. Plant this one in any soil, in light shade; it also will tolerate bright sun and dim light. Propagate via cuttings or seed and grow in USDA zones 9 to 11.

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