Outdoor Garden Gifts

Outdoor garden gifts can enhance the landscape with whimsical charm, colorful design and useful decoration. Make personalized garden gifts for your favorite horticulturalist that are sure to bring a smile, even if you are not an experienced crafter. Simple designs, colorful materials and an imagination go a long way toward creating gifts for any outdoor garden.

Mosaic Garden Ball

Cover a bowling ball with mosaic tiles, glass cabochons and broken ceramic bits to create a decorative mosaic garden ball as a gift. Look for used bowling balls at yard sales and thrift stores you can recycle for this project. Brace the bowling ball so it cannot roll. Spread thinset adhesive over a small portion of the ball and press the colorful glass and ceramic pieces into the adhesive. Use exterior grout to fill in the crevices after the adhesive dries. Clean the grout from the mosaic surface before it dries.

Copper Garden Ornaments

Copper garden ornaments are simple gifts to make for anyone who appreciates a bit of whimsy in her outdoor space. Thin copper foil cuts easily and ages as beautifully as any other type of copper. Trace a design onto the foil, and cut it out with tin snips or sharp household shears. Strike the ornament with a ball peen hammer to create a hammered copper design or paint it with acrylics for colorful decoration. Hang strands of beads or crystals from any part of the ornament for added sparkle. Make a hook with thin craft wire or fishing line so the recipient can hang the ornament from a tree or a shepherd's hook.

Plant Identification Tags

Another outdoor garden gift friends may appreciate is a set of plant identification tags and hangers. Craft the tags from polymer clay, using a pasta machine to roll out a sheet with an even thickness. Cut designs for the tags from the sheet using clay or cookie cutters. Puncture a hole in the top of the tag with a knitting needle before baking the clay. When the tags are cool, write the names of the plants onto them with a paint pen. Seal the tag with clay glaze for a shiny, protected finish. Decorate the tags with glass cabochons, mosaic tiles or wire spirals; attach the embellishments with waterproof adhesive. To make hangers for the tags, shape 18-gauge craft wire into a shepherd's hook.

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