How to Kill Moss on Sidewalk


Moss is one of the top 10 most unwanted pests in the garden, according to Washington State University. Not only may you find the plants' ground-hugging growths unsightly, but their slippery texture can also pose a safety hazard in frequently trafficked areas like a sidewalk. Remove, kill and control moss on a sidewalk to preserve your landscape's natural beauty and safety.

Step 1

Remove the visible moss growths. Use a pressure washer and shoot down the sidewalk, which Oregon State University says is the most effective method of getting rid of moss. If you don't have a pressure washer, use a spade or hoe to scrape off most of the growths.

Step 2

Collect all of the removed moss and discard it. Leaving the pieces of moss on the sidewalk may simply spread the moss spores and cause new growths in previously clean areas.

Step 3

Spray the sidewalk with a mossicide product formulated with potassium salts of fatty acids, zinc sulfate or zinc chloride. Potassium is ideal for sidewalks near plants and lawns since it will not harm such vegetation, according to Oregon State University. Zinc products are ideal for long-term control--potassium sprays have little residual effects--but zinc chloride may kill vegetation that's near the sidewalk.

Step 4

Change the environment of the sidewalk to keep moss from growing back. Prune back surrounding trees and shrubs to increase sunlight and air movement on the sidewalk, and rearrange sprinklers or hoses to keep the concrete from getting wet. Excessive moisture and shade encourages moss production, according to Washington State University.

Things You'll Need

  • Pressure washer
  • Hoe or spade
  • Mossicide product


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