Easy Garden Crafts

Get crafty and make useful decorations for your garden, patio or back yard. Copper signage and other ornaments are easy to craft from thin copper foil. Create a place for your feathered friends to meet or paint decorative planters for added garden color. Crafting experience is not necessary to make easy garden projects to enjoy or give as gifts.

Decorative Terracotta Pots

Enhance plain terracotta pots with acrylic paint, mosaic tiles or flat-backed cabochons to add color and style to your garden. It's easy to glue tiles or glass cabochons onto the terracotta; make sure to use a waterproof construction adhesive for best results. Cover the flower pot or simple add a few bits for embellishment. Paint the terracotta pots in a bright background color before you add the tiles or glass, or leave them plain. Another easy way to add design style to plain terracotta pots is to use stencils and templates from the craft store. Paint the background color and let it dry before taping a stencil or a template to the pot. Fill in the open areas of the stencil with acrylics or trace around a template with a paint pen. Spray a coat of exterior polyurethane over the painted pot to protect it before placing it in the garden.

Bird Bath

Make a simple bird bath with two large terracotta pots and one large terracotta saucer. This easy garden craft gives birds and other wildlife a place to get a drink or take a bath on dry summer days. Make the base of the bird bath by gluing the bottoms or the rims of the two large terracotta pots together with waterproof construction adhesive. Glue the large terracotta saucer to the top of the planter structure. Fill in the drainage hole in the saucer with silicone sealant. Paint the terracotta pots to add color or add a decorative touch with tiles or glass.

Copper Plant Stakes

Identify your herbs, flowers and vegetables with decorative copper plant stakes. Craft the garden stakes from 5mm copper foil and soft copper tubing. Trace the shape of a hummingbird, butterfly, carrot or anything you like onto the copper foil. Cut out the ornament with sharp shears or tin snips. Write the name of the plant onto the copper with an acrylic paint pen or a permanent marker. A coat of exterior polyurethane will help keep the paint looking fresh. Make the stake from copper tubing, which you can easily bend into a small shepherd's hook. Puncture the copper ornament with an awl to make a hole for hanging it. Thread a small strip of wire through the hole, twist it at the ends and hang the ornament over the shepherd's hook.

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