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Pool Handrail Installation Instructions

By Jerry Garner
Pool handrais are tantamount for safety.

Pool handrails come as part of the kit that comes with the pool stairs or they can be purchased separately. The handrails are an important structure with both above-ground and in-ground pools as these are used to steady a person upon entering or leaving the pool. While there are many makes and models of these handrails and certain ones are better for particular pools, they are not difficult to install and some of the rules for each remain the same.

The Basics

Working in a dry area with an assistant, you will need a hand in lowering the steps into the pool--especially when the weight of the ballast is added.

Before you start, check to see that you have all of the required parts and enough sand. Read the instructions thoroughly before attempting as the weight of the sand differs with each model and so do installation instructions.

In-Ground Swimming Pool

The handrails for an in-ground are generally installed when the stairs are put in. Many models are attached to the steps and are included with the stair kit. Read the instructions that come with the stairs, as systems that have an enclosure or an SIG system will have a different installation method.

For standard pools, there are holes in the stairs for the handrails. Apply lubricant or soap to the ends of the handrails so they will slip into the holes. Push them in until they are seated completely inside of the hole. Secure them by using one screw per post. Place the unit into the pool with the steps at a 45-degree angle to allow water to fill the steps. Slide a mounting bracket down the first post that is closest to the edge and attach it to the edge with two screws and secure them to the handrails posts using one screw.

Above-Ground Pools

These handrails are installed along with the stairs. Insert the shorter posts into the top stair and the longer posts into the bottom stair. Slide one brace over each of the short posts, securing the posts with nuts and washers. Slide the ramps onto the posts and use screws to keep them in place.

Fill up the ballast with sand and put the cap on. Insert the ballast into the step at the location where the instructions specify. Place the steps into the water on an angle and let them down enough for the steps to touch the ground firmly. Leave one inch between the wall and the steps. Slip the braces down the rest of the way until they are lying on the step and secure them into place both on the edge of the pool and on the step.


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