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Inground Pool Step Rail Installation

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A pool railing is designed to help people get in and out of the pool more easily. Typically, these railings are installed on the steps that lead out of the pool. They can also be installed on the side of the pool. These step-ladder rails are useful in deeper water where a swimmer would have to lift herself up and out of the pool without a foothold to support herself. A handy homeowner can install a railing for an in-ground pool with just a few tools.

Anchor Supports

Anchor supports are one of two types of anchor foundations used in installing a pool-step rail. The anchor support is a metal collar that installs into the steps, forming a foundation for the rail. Installation involves drilling into the concrete steps and setting the anchor inside of the steps. Mortar and sealant set the anchor in place. The rail parts are then attached to the top of the anchor piece with hardware that typically includes a bolt and nut. Anchors must be sealed with pool caulking, which extends the life of the anchors and prevents corrosion.


The flange is another type of anchor installed in a pool. A flange has a flat bottom and collar piece that extends upwards from the base. To install this type of railing base, drill holes into the pool stairs using a mortar bit on a high-powered drill. Then place the flange over the mounting holes. Steel bolts attach the flange to the pool surface. Insert the railing into the collar and use another bolt to secure it in place. This system is typically sealed with silicone or pool caulking.

Ladder Step Rails

A ladder step rail is normally only used with in-ground swimming pools. These railings are made from bent aluminum tubing. Install the railing by drilling into the pool surface with a mortar bit. This creates a hole that receives the tubing. Each end slides into the anchor hole. Use the hardware that comes with the railing to attach the flange collar. Typically, a galvanized or stainless steel bolt attaches the flange right to the pool deck or to the anchor collar, depending on how the railing is designed. This type of installation also includes a screwdriver, high-powered drill and mortar bit.

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