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Homemade Log Skidder for an ATV

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Log skidders allow loggers or others working in the forest to remove logs and trees without making large ruts in the ground or the log getting stuck in the dirt during the drag. ATV log skidders work on your ATV or lawn tractor and use the principle of lever action and friction to lift the log as it is pulled along. A very simple metal piping log skidder can be made with the use of square tubing, a set of utility trailer tires and some welding equipment.

Build the Frame

Start by building the square frame and hitch for the skidder. The skidder will consist of a metal square frame with a hitch protruding from one side to provide an area at which it connects to the ATV or garden tractor. Weld four three-foot-long pieces of metal tubing together to form a square. Then weld two four-foot-long pieces of metal tubing extending from the two rear corners of the square and connecting at their tips to form a triangle.

Build the Skidder

The skidder portion of the apparatus is built as a frame extending vertically off of the main frame with a rear bar that connects to the logging chain. As the log is pulled along, the chain slides along the bar and is raised in height. Weld a pair of two-foot-tall pieces of tubing extending from each of the front two corners vertically and then weld a four-foot bar connecting the tops of these bars. Weld a bar extending from the hitch area to the center of the four-foot bar you just welded to the front.

Install the Hardware

Install the hitch hardware and the wheel hardware to complete the skidder. Bolt the hitch hardware onto the front of the apparatus you have built so that it can connect to your tractor or ATV. Install the hardware for each wheel on either side of the skidder, near the rear of the frame. Attach the logging chain to the bottom of the center tubing and wrap the other end of the chain around the end of the log. As the ATV pulls on the front of the skidder, the chain slides up the tubing until it catches on the rear frame. This raises the front of the log off of the ground and allows the operator to pull the log without creating a rut.

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