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Should I Build a Foundation for a Plastic Storage Shed?

By Linda Donahue

Storage sheds often provide extra storage space for all your backyard equipment that won't fit in the garage. They are also particularly useful if you have a swimming pool and wish to store pool accessories--both for fun and for pool maintenance--in a convenient location. Plastic storage sheds come in a variety of sizes and many are easily put together.

About Plastic Storage Sheds

Plastic sheds do not require any special flooring considerations. They can be put up directly on the ground without the use of a concrete foundation. However, when putting up your shed, having a flat stretch of ground is preferable. Low spots may allow water to seep underneath when it rains. But the type of flooring, including a lack of flooring, is of personal preference. Consider what you will store in the shed and if having a floor of some sort would be more convenient or useful. Besides laying a foundation, you could opt for a wooden floor, like a deck. But having the ground alone is perfectly acceptable.

Plastic sheds are made of durable material and are able to withstand a wide range of weathering elements. They do not require painting and do not rust, making them maintenance-free. Plastic sheds come in a variety of styles, often with contrasting doors and trim to make them a more attractive addition to your backyard. The shed design may come with or without windows. Makers of plastic sheds include Suncast and Lifetime. Plastic sheds are typically made of polyethylene plastic but will have metal supports and trusses. Good quality plastic sheds can withstand impacts and UV light damage.

You want your shed to be able to lock, so steel-reinforced doors are a good feature. Any visible seams should be weather-resistant. When selecting a shed, consider other design features, such as how easy it is to add shelves.