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Homemade Stink Bug Insecticide

Stink bugs can be annoying pests that quickly pollute our homes and gardens. Originally from Asia, these bugs have migrated to the United States over the past few years and multiplied rapidly. These flat bugs can easily squeeze through door cracks and window sills, creating easy entry into homes. A simple homemade insecticide can kill stink bugs and repel them, as well.


Pyrethrum is part of the chrysanthemum family of African plants and is lethal to many insects, including stink bugs. You can either grow your own pyrethrum from seeds or purchase a pyrethrum plant from a garden center. Grind the leaves into a powder, using a mortar and pestle. Pour one liter of water into a spray bottle, add half a teaspoon of powdered pyrethrum, then add 10 drops of liquid dish detergent (which will act as an adhesive when sprayed onto plants). Spray onto plant leaves and soil around the home. When insects come into contact with this solution, they will die instantly. Note that this will also kill friendly insects, too, but it will take care of your stink bug problems. This spray can be applied to fruits and vegetables as it is not harmful to humans, but any fruit or vegetable that comes into contact with the pyrethrum spray should be picked within two days of application.


Garlic is also an insecticide that works well on stink bugs. An easy way to use garlic is to simply dice a few fresh cloves of garlic and spread throughout your garden. Alternately, pour two cups of water into a spray bottle, then crush two cloves of garlic into liquid form. Stir into the water, then spray this solution over plants, doorways and other areas that stink bugs pollute. Repeat at least once per week to keep stink bugs at bay.


Mint is also a strong herb that repels stink bugs. Grow your own mint in the garden or purchase a package of fresh mint from your grocery store. You can also purchase mint essential oil, which works well for a spray-on solution. If using fresh mint, grind a few spoonfuls into powder form. Sprinkle throughout your garden or mix in a spray bottle with two cups of water. Spray onto plant leaves, shrubbery and soil. Alternately, pour two cups of water into a spray bottle, add 10 drops of mint essential oil and spray the solution onto affected areas.

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