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Tips on Burying an Above-Ground Pool

By Dorian Gray

Above-ground pools provide huge cost savings over installing an in-ground pool, but they are often unsightly. While you can't technically "bury" your above-ground pool without hauling in loads of dirt---and even then it might not be able withstand the pressure---there are several ways you can disguise it and create your own private oasis.

Build a Deck

One of the most common ways people bury their above-ground pools is by raising the surface of their yard with a deck. Since you have to climb a ladder to get into the pool anyway, it is helpful to build a platform around your above-ground pool so you can step directly into it.

If the topography of your yard allows, you can build a deck that projects levelly, starting near your house and extending to wrap around your above-ground pool. While this is the ideal situation, most people have flat yards. You can still build a deck that conceals the pool by cleverly designing it so it terraces to the top edge of the pool. Consider integrating seating and planters.

Landscape Around Your Above-Ground Pool

The most cost-effective way to conceal your above-ground pool is by landscaping around it. Plant small trees or shrubs that grow densely to conceal the base and provide privacy for swimmers. Layer your landscaping with smaller flowering plants and shrubs to completely conceal the base.

If you plant small trees near your above-ground pool, confirm that they will not grow beyond a certain height, and that they don't shed excessively, or you'll be spending extra time cleaning your pool. Check how far the roots grow from the tree and plant accordingly, as you don't want the roots to penetrate your pool lining.

Build a Wall Around Your Pool

Another way to conceal your above-ground pool and integrate it into your landscape is to build a wall around the base. Construct a curved wall out of stone, brick or treated wood that reaches to the top of your pool. Leave some space between the exterior of the pool and the wall to allow for expansion or movement.

Replace the unsightly metal stairs that come with many above-ground pools and construct a stair from the same material with which you built your wall. Consider adding some landscaping around the base of the wall.


About the Author


Dorian Gray has been a full-time freelance writer since 2009. She has written extensively on the topics of architecture and design for national magazines such as "Architectural Record" and regional publications such as "At Home in Arkansas." Gray also writes about the topics of beauty, health, nutrition and travel. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arkansas.