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Landscaping Ideas for Property Boundaries

Beautify your property boundaries with imaginative landscape ideas such as landscaper berms incorporating sugar maples, boulders, Sea Green junipers and other nice touches. Separate your property without the dreaded privacy fence with the aid of this free video on landscaping tips.


Hi, I'm David with Smartscapes, LLC here in Nashville, Tennessee. We have a beautiful, early Spring morning and we're here to talk about property boundaries and landscaping in your property boundaries. There's several different ways that you can address property boundaries. Every property has it. You can do stacked stone walls, you can do fences, you can do privacy fences, you can do all those things but sometimes people want more of a natural feel and that's what I'm here to show you. We have a client over here that they wanted some privacy, they wanted some protection from their neighbors being able to watch them, being able to whatever. They've got multiple patios and they entertain and whatever else. So, what we came up with them as a solution was a berm, a landscape berm that goes around the perimeter, the back perimeter of the property and what it does is it uses a number of different plants, not just a hedgerow because a hedgerow is kind of generic but we wanted something that would have different textures, different layers, different things that added to it to make a beautiful or pretty property boundary. So, as you look over through here, there's several things that are incorporated. We incorporated a tree line of sugar maples over here in the front and what we tried to do with those is keep them limbed up to where you can see the berm, you can see the rocks and you can see other plants that are associated in the berm. Now, let's talk about the berm directly behind the tree row. We incorporated boulders in there for erosion control for natural looks. We incorporated Sea Green Junipers. We incorporated Bo Burnham. We incorporated Magnolias, Daylilies, Hydrangea and we made it kind of into a natural flow. Now the benefit of this let me tell you, that house that was right over there, you can't really see them anymore, even in the Winter. You look over in through here, we used I'd say a small but it's kind of big, hedgerow of Weeping Privet. It does a great job of being able to, it's semi, it's semi-evergreen so it will lose some of its leaves during the Winter but it does a great job of being able to shield out unsightly neighbors. So, what we're talking about here is landscaping property boundaries and you have a long one all the way across here and I'm going to give you a couple other short quick examples here in just a second of how landscaping property boundaries can benefit you. Here we have another area that we've landscaped the property boundary. This is where it kind of gets cool. This particular property and that particular property they have a real close property line which I guess they're all close but this home owner was smart enough to go to that homeowner and say hey listen, if I landscape on your side of the property will you let me do it and do you know what they said? Of course, they said yes. So, this home owner spent their money on the other property and made the yard feel a whole lot bigger. Now, there's several things to be considered in this design on this border landscaping, number one, the homeowner over here they have a hot tub and a patio and of course, the homeowner over here doesn't want to see them out there in their hot tub on their patio. So, and also there's a water issue. There's erosion or water draining from their yard coming this way coming this way so again we incorporated a berm and then we landscaped it and we gave it a little different feel, we gave it a little different flare and we incorporated several different things into it. We incorporated some trees, some hollies, some Sea Green Juniper and then we gave it some Spirea and gave it some Viburnum and I think, yeah, down there at the end there's some more Hydrangea and boulders. Now, this particular property boundary landscaping serves three different purposes and it makes it wonderful. The homeowners that live over here from their master bathroom can't see the homeowners over here on their patio and vice versa. It helps with erosion, it controls water. It goes down to a ditch down yonder and it does a great job in what it does. Over here, you'll find another great idea, property boundary landscaping, the client, the homeowner here was smart enough to again solicit the other neighbor over on the other side. Now, the other neighbor on the other side, they have a patio over there as well as bedroom windows but their patio is right over here. So, what did they do? They went to the neighbor again and said hey listen I can landscape our property boundaries. Would you care if I put a little bit of it on your side? That way it made their side feel a whole lot bigger and I think actually the neighbor over here split the cost with them. Now we married again the same type of ideas. We gave them a berm and some Carissa Hollies, Viburnum, and we gave them some evergreens as well as ornamental grasses and rocks, boulders. At either end they kind of flank it but it does a perfect job of shielding the neighbor from the other neighbor without having the dreaded privacy fence. Again, I'm David with Smartscapes, LLC here in Nashville, Tennessee. Come check us out at