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How to Cover Rose Bushes for Winter

Rose bushes will not survive winter for long unless you cover and protect them. Protect your bushes from the harsh cold with help from a professional horticulturist in this free video.


Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb, for How do we cover our roses over for the winter season? Well, have your cover ready. You don't want to have them covered for a long period of time. This means, you're going to have your cover ready, cover it over the entire plant, and to the ground, and you're going to put a little stone, or brick, or something around the base to kind of hold it from being blown away, because almost every cold front has a wind that's associated with it. Remember, when you do cover to the ground, you're helping to hold some of that radiant energy, some of that heat. Normally, we won't cover a rose over for more than a day or two. And, in most areas, of course roses don't even need covering. But, if you're in an area where you're going below freezing, or in the single digits, having a cover may make the difference in keeping your rose alive or not through the winter season. When you are covering roses, make sure we just drape it over lightly, and that we do cover it securely. Make sure you've got those bricks or stones in different places around the cover. There are commercial products, and those covers will do better for you than your bedspread in the back. For learning more about how to cover your winter roses, I'm Stan DeDreitas, Mr. Green Thumb.