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How to Kill House Ants Fast & Easy

Killing house ants fast and easy requires some basic thinking skills and the ability to get dirty. Destroy any ant invasion in your castle with help from an expert exterminator in this free video.


Hi, I'm Michael Piacenza, with Advantage Pest Control, and I'm often asked, "How do I kill house ants fast and easy?" Well, it isn't always fast nor easy. But, I think I can help you out here. Alright. So, house ants, what are they doing? They're in there to feed, right and what they're feeding on? It's either going to be sugarous or protein. Alright. So, you're going to figure out what they're going for. You know, put down something to, some kind of a, little piece of sausage or something like that; some simple syrup or candy and see what they're feeding on. Once you know what they're eating, then you can go after them. Alright. Now, the best way to kill any ant over the long term is to feed, give them a bait. Alright. If you can get them feeding on a bait, you're going to kill them off because most ants, the workers that you see, they actually can't consume what they pick up. They have to take it back and feed it to the colony. They feed it to the larva; the larva digest it and, and then, the by-product from the larva is what the queen and the workers eat. Alright. So, you're going to kill off all the stages of the colony. Now, that's going to work very very effectively. Now, is it going to be fast? No. Alright. So, you want to make it fast. Alright. Now, you can use some pesticides, alright. You can use all different types of pesticides. Dust, sprays, okay; spray those and dust in the areas where you see the ants especially the trails between where they're coming and going from to get to your bait. Alright. So, you, you're going to kill them off in a long term with the bait and you're going to get them trypsin through the dust or the pesticide. Now, if you're going to use this in the house, make sure you use something safe. And whatever you do, don't use anything that has a, a repellent in it. If there's a repellent in it, they're just going to go around it, they're going to go around your bait and sometimes they causes them to, to sub-colonize and create new colonies. That's the last thing you want. Alright. So, they're going to be trypsin through this. They're going to get it on their feet and antennas. They're going to groom themselves and when they do, they'll ingest it and that's going to kill them off. Meanwhile, what are they doing? They're carrying back the bait, they kill off the rest of them. So, I think this will help you out. Alright. Some of the good places that you want to look in the kitchen is around the edges of the counters, underneath the counter, along the baseboard and places like that. Alright. So, if you go to those areas, you're going to get them because that's where they're traveling. Alright. They like to go along the, the cracks and the crevices. So, I think this will help you out. I'm Michael Piacenza, with Advantage Pest Control, and if you like to learn more about us, check us out at