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Draining Snowblower Gasoline

By Jon Olson ; Updated September 21, 2017

The easiest way to drain gasoline from a snowblower is to let it run continually until it runs out. Drain gasoline from a snowblower with expert tips in this free video on snowblower maintenance.


Hi, this is Jon and in this clip we'll be draining the gasoline. The easiest way to drain the gasoline, in your snow blower after the winter season is over, is to go ahead and start it and just let it run and eventually the snow blower is going to run out of gas and stop. Some snow blower engines, you have your gas tank and you have your fuel line, coming directly out of the bottom of your gas tank. An easy way to drain the gas, especially if you have a lot left in it, is to take a pair of pliers and just remove that retaining clip, slide that down the fuel line, go ahead and loosen up that fuel line but make sure you have something underneath, to catch all the fuel that's going to drain out. Once all the fuel has drained out, make sure you replace that fuel line and that retaining clip.


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