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How to Operate a 4-in-1 Backhoe Bucket

By Raymond Hayes ; Updated September 21, 2017

The 4-in-1 bucket option on a backhoe makes the backhoe even more versatile. Learn how to use 4-in-1 bucket when operating a backhoe in this free video.


The most purpose bucket known as the four in one bucket is the most versatile option on the machine. You can move objects such as trees, brush, pull up small trees or even leveling dirt. It's a very handy option to have on a machine. The four in one opens with this lever, opens and closes the bucket to create four in one bucket.


About the Author


Raymond Hayes has been in the heavy construction industry for over 20 years. His expertise includes operating and maintaining backhoes, trackhoes, bulldozers, loaders, and dump trucks. His company, R.M. Hayes Construction, Inc., provides services such as building roadways, ponds, building pads, and subdivision grading.