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How to Keep an Amaryllis Bulb Blooming

In order to keep an amaryllis bulb blooming, it's important to get it on a natural cycle so that it will bloom each fall. Find out why an amaryllis bulb should have its bloom cut off in the summer with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on keeping an amaryllis bulb blooming.


Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from And in this segment we are going to talk about how to keep an Amaryllis bulb reblooming. Now you got to remember there's different types of Amaryllis. There's the Naked Ladies or the Amaryllis Belladonna that's from South Africa and it does not bloom inside very well. You can not force it to bloom inside for Christmas. So you just plant that outside either in a pot or the ground and just leave it, it will bloom every fall. You can't really force it to do anything. Where's there different types of Amaryllis that are from South America which are forced to bloom at Christmas time. Now those you can get to rebloom real easily. As long as you get them on a natural cycle. So this Amaryllis just got done blooming, it's summer time so I'm cutting the bloom off. And I could just leave it in the ground, let the foliage continue to grow out and then in the fall hack the foliage back. And then just turn around and store it inside in a pot dry or just wrap it in some newspaper or put it in a pot with no water at all and just store it over the winter inside. And then turn around and put it outside and it will bloom every summer. So you can get an Amaryllis to bloom every summer naturally real easily that way. Or vice versa, if you want it to bloom every Christmas time a trick is once it's done blooming after Christmas, and the greens have turned brown, chop it down. And then turn around and then leave it, the pot outside most of the summer and then in the fall turn around and put it inside. So in the summer keep it dry, do not add hardly any water. Keep it on the dry side cause it will grow if you add water. And then in the fall, in September, October bring it inside and add water and it will come up and bloom for Christmas every year. So whether you get it on an outside cycle where it blooms every summer, or you can get it on an inside cycle where it blooms every winter. But Amaryllis are really easy to get to rebloom just like any other bulb they need a dormant period. So as long as you let them bloom, let them be dormant for about four or five months they'll rebloom again. It's really that easy.