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How to Take Care of Pansies

To take care of pansies, start them from the seed or root, and keep them watered but drained well. Maintain a bunch of pansies with helpful tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on growing flowers.


Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow Pansies, or Viola. Now, they're a plant that's very near to my heart, because the name Yolanda means Violet back to the Greek civilization. So it's a beautiful plant, it usually comes in shades of purples and blues and yellows, and it's really easy to grow. And generally it's grown as an annual, but a lot of times, even if you plant one the seeds will drop, and it will come back from year to year. Now, Pansies are great because they're also edible. And you can put them in with salads, or around cakes, or on cakes. They're beautiful for weddings, and I've got it included in my salad garden. And so it's just a beautiful, beautiful plant. Now, they're easy to start, and they're just, you can start it from seed, or can start them from a root. Now, as long as you've got part of that root, and part of a stem, you can start a new plant. They're very easy to start from cuttings. Now you can start the seeds even in a tray, or put them right in the soil, either way, they're easy. But the easiest way is from the root, and so as long as you've got a stem, you can just stick it back in to the soil, and kind of cover it up, you can have a new plant. And keep them watered, but don't let them get too wet either, because they will rot, but in the heat, they like a lot of water. And they will really multiply and keep dropping their seeds, too. So, they're beautiful in fields of grass, as well, or on the edge of a bed. As long as you give Pansies lots of sun and good water and good drainage, they'll bloom all summer through the fall, and you can even bring them inside and try to save them for the winter, or you can save the seeds and restart them in the spring. But even in milder climates, too, they'll come back really easily from year to year. They're a great addition to your gardem.