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How to Get Rid of Water Bugs in the House

By Pete LaQuaglia ; Updated September 21, 2017

Water bugs, or roaches, are pests that can be controlled by finding the source of their nest. Find out how to create an exterior food source to eliminate water bugs from the home with help from a pest control company in this free video on getting rid of water bugs.


Hi I'm Peter with Greenhouse Pest Management. We are Atlanta's true natural pest control company. Now we're talking about water bugs. Water bugs in our industry are called American roaches. Common things for American roaches is one thing we got to remember is American roaches are organic-feeding bugs. What they do is they help break down organic material. So one of the things we got to determine inside your house where these water bugs or American roaches are nesting is, is it on the top floor, ground level or basement. That's going to help us determine exactly how we need to treat it. Now if the roaches are on the top floor, we know that it's an attic issue and what commonly happens is that roaches nest inside these gutters and they start breaking all of that, all that, all that organic material and, and they just randomly come inside the home. It's the same thing with the perimeter. Ground level bugs that you've seen, you got to treat the perimeter. So the best way to do it is try to find an organic material out there; something that's actually blended with cornmill and spray it around the perimeter of your home; allow that to be their food source and what's that's going to do, that's going to eliminate the population.


About the Author

Pete LaQuaglia is the owner and operator of PestFreeGoGreen. He uses organic and natural ways to get rid of insects.