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Electric Lawn Mower Troubleshooting

The first step in electric lawn mower troubleshooting is checking to make sure that the cord is in good shape, and that the wire is the right gauge. Discover how electric lawn mowers often have motor vents that get clogged with grass with help from the owner of a small engine repair shop in this free video on lawn mower repair.


Hi, I'm Mark Bauer with Bauer Small Engine Repair and I would like to give you a few tips on how to maintain your electric lawn mower. Okay, the first thing you want to do is make sure that your cord is in good shape and, and it is the right gage wire and you don't want to use too long of a cord because of voltage rap. The, the ends are important that they're in, that they're not damage and obviously the cord you don't want it to have a bunch of splits and frays or, or any visual damage. This cord has, has been worn and is getting ready to, to lose its insulation in certain spots. So this would be one to not use on your electric lawn mower. You would want; you want to get a good cord, a little thicker would be a good idea. But this are, this is the most common cord people have in their garage and you know, if it's been hanging up a long time, it, it might have dried out so you, you want to really make sure you start with a good power supply and this, this is a good place to start with a good cord. A most common failure is that the motor gets, the vents get clogged with grass; it doesn't allow air to travel across the electric motor to cool it. So if you can remove the cover, go ahead and take it off to clean it. But if you can't remove it and you have compressed air, you can blow out the, the fence that the vents. I'll just blow that out. You can use a leap floor and place a compressed and blow out the, the cooling of the motor. If the motor on the electric lawn mower does not make any sound and it's not operating at all, the connection is important. So like on this one, you have a connection like this. This would be common on a battery powered electric lawn mower. You want to make sure these connections are clean and, and everything's making a good contact. What I usually do if I don't have, if the motor won't start or the blade won't turn it on; I know my battery is good and I know I have good power supply coming into it; I simply take this in and out a few times which can knock off a little bit of corrosion and also if, if it has a little bit of a, if it has a little bit of dirt in there, it kind of, it gets it out there. Okay, those are just a few tips on what you can do to take care of your electric lawn mower.