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How to Grow Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a plant that should grow from a nice, sunny spot through reflected sun. Grow bougainvillea in shaded areas in the summer with tips from an experienced gardener in this free video on planting flowers and gardening.


Hi this is Yolanda from Now one of my favorite plants in any garden are my tropical plants. Plants that come from warmer climates that you remember when you see in Hawaii or Mexico and you come back home, and you want to bring some of that back home. Well Bougainvillea is a plant that's one of my favorites. And in this segment we're going to learn all about it. Now Bougainvillea or Bougainvilla is a beautiful plant that grows in a nice sunny spot. Especially in colder climates, you got to have them in hot hot full sun. And reflected sun is best, near a fountain or the street or the house or somewhere where they're getting a lot of heat. In warmer climates they can grow in a lot more shade and they'll grow up trees or along fences really well. They're a gorgeous plant that's originally from South America. So the Bougainvillea was named after a French Captain who found them in South America and when he brought them back to Europe they were all the rage, everybody wanted them. And they realized that you can grow them really easily in colder climates as well. But you just bring them inside for the winter. So it's really easy to do. So as soon as they die back in the fall and the leaves turn brown you just chop it down. And throw it in the garage or the basement or the laundry room and just keep a little bit of water in there so it's not totally dry but don't let it be really wet either. And then as soon as it gets warm outside, about April May even into June start watering it and then as soon as there's a little bit of growth inside the house, and as soon as it's outside it's 70 degrees or more everyday for a week, that's always my indicator for any tropical plant. Whenever it is 70 or more every day for a week I put them outside. And wait until the nights get a little bit warmer too because sometimes you'll have those spells but still have 40 degree nights, wait for the nights to be over 50 degrees. And put them in the hottest sunniest spot you can find. They also like patios as well. And they'll make a beautiful plant with gorgeous blooms through the fall. And in warmer climates they bloom all winter long and in colder climates they'll die back when ever it freezes really hard. And at that time just chop it back down and throw it back into the garage or the basement and start all over again the next year. But don't be afraid of some of the warmer climate plants because they will love your yard as well. And they're such a rewarding plant.