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How to Grow Lemon Grass

When growing lemon grass, start the seeds in a glass of water until roots form and then transfer the plant into the ground, keeping the area well watered. Give lemon grass plants lots of light and learn how to cook with the leaves using tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening.


Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen. And in this segment, we're going to talk about how to grow lemon grass. Lemon grass is just a grass, just like grass in your lawn or grass that grows as bamboo. And you can either start it from seed; you just collect the seeds just in the fall, when they turn seed, and then start them the next Spring. So you can buy lemon grass plants right from your local grocer. And a lot of the Asian grocers, especially, will have them available. Make sure they almost have a bulb on the end. So this is where the root comes out. So if there's any section that looks like they've cut the root off or if you can find them with roots on them, that's a big bonus. But even from a piece of lemon grass like this, they will root. So make sure if they're too dried out, they will not root. Try to get them as fresh as possible. And all you have to do is put them in a cup of water, and put them in the kitchen window. Or put them somewhere where they're going to get a lot of light, and then they'll produce roots within usually one to two months. You'll have a lot of roots. And at that time, you can just leave them growing in that container, or you can put them right into a container with soil, as long as they've got some roots. And theoretically, you could probably put these right into the ground and give it lots of water and keep it really wet, and it might root right into the ground. I like starting them in a cup of water, because it seems more successful, and I like to see the roots. And once the roots are growing, then I plant them. So if you live them in the cup with water, then they'll make the roots. And I just wait until the Spring, whenever it's not freezing hard at night, and I'll put them right into the garden. And they'll grow wonderful lemon grass plants. And you can cut the stems or cut some of the leaves and use them in all types of cooking. They're wonderful with pork chops, and they're wonderful with onions. They smell so good. And you can even rub the oil right onto yourself, just like perfume. They make a lot of perfume out of citronella. So some types of citronella actually come from lemon grass. It smells so good, and it's really good for you. And they're really easy to grow. They just need a sunny spot and lots of water, but they want to dry out in between watering. Lemon grass is great to use in the kitchen, too. So if you've got lemon grass plants, you have all types of opportunities to use them in your kitchen. But I love them out in the garden, because they're just a beautiful ornamental grass.