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How to Get Rid of Crows

To get rid of crows, play a recording of crow cries repeatedly, which annoys the birds and will eventually drive them away. Contact a professional to help in getting rid of crows with advice from the owner of a pest control business in this free video on home pest control and management.


Hi I'm Jim Harmon, California Pest Management here in lovely sunny California. We are going to talk today about what happens when you have crows in your neighborhood. They are driving you nuts. Typically crows group together in pod formation around an elder crow, the oldest one of the group, typically a male but it can be a female also. When one crow gets hurt he screams out and the rest of the pod that's what they are called, they will come and group together and try to defend them. What we'll see a lot of times is big trees in the neighborhood such as this big pine behind me here. They love that kind of tree because you can get the whole clan up in there. They can see all the way around, they can see if there is going to be any hawks or any small birds that are going to be harassing them. They can also look for any food sources. Crows typically will start vocalizing early in the morning and it is a way that the family gets together and reaffirms the family connections and then they all take off and start looking for food for the day. There is really not a whole lot unless you have sonic booms which are the propane cannons, rather loud. We have tried recorded crow cries and they work good also but you need a good system, a first off the cries of an injured crow and it will look like dawn of the dead for the birds when you start playing those crow calls out of a loud speaker, they will circle and they will start calling but if you do that enough it irritates them and they will move on and find some other place to hang out. If you do want to try this yourself you could go to a company called Bird Barrier, on the net called and you can buy the systems. Now be prepared for sticker shock but they will sell the entire system and it is on an MP3 so basically you get an mpeg and a bunch of different bird cries and birds in distress.