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How to Extract Aloe Vera Juice

Extract aloe vera juice from an aloe plant by cracking open a branch of the plant over a bowl and pressing the juice out. Aloe vera juice can also be squeezed directly onto the skin. Find out how to mix aloe vera juice with water or juice in order to consume it with tips from a private chef in this free video on aloe vera plants.


Hi, I'm Gabi and I'm going to show you how to squeeze aloe vera juice out of a aloe plant. Aloe vera juice is great for nicks and cuts and scrapes. It's a nice natural way to soothe any sort of daily ache that you might get. And it's also really good and moisturizing for your skin. So it's nice to use instead of lotion. So harvest fresh aloe vera juice. You want to crack an aloe plant over a bowl and then press and squeeze the juice out and you can put that directly on the skin or you an put it in a bottle. If you want to consume it, you need to mix it with water or juice and drink it quickly because it loses its potency within two days.