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How to Color Vegetable Oil

Color vegetable oil by finding a colorless oil, heating the oil in the microwave for about a minute and 30 seconds, and stirring in the food coloring one drop at a time. Be patient when coloring vegetable oil because the color will not dissolve right away, and consider advice from a private chef in this free video on coloring vegetable oil.


Hi, I'm Gabi and I'm going to show you how to add food coloring to vegetable oil. So you want to start with some vegetable oil that's totally flavorless. You could use extra light olive oil, or canola oil, or just regular vegetable oil but it needs to be colorless, is the most important part. And what you want to do is you want to put it in the microwave for about a minute and thirty seconds, so it gets nice and hot. And once it's hot, you're going to take your food coloring and just add a tiny bit. Just start with one drop. And you'll notice that it's tricky, because the color doesn't dissolve right away. So the trick is to keep stirring as you add your food coloring, and you just have to be patient. The heat of the oil is what really makes this work. So once it gets to this point, that's when you want to add it to whatever you're making, and if you wanted to make blue salad dressing, or Easter eggs, or something like that, this is the point when you want to do that. And, that is how you add food coloring to vegetable oil.