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How to Get Rid of Snakes

Getting rid of snakes can be done by using glue board, snake bags or by hiring a professional. Catch snakes in the house or on the property, setting them free on the outskirts of the perimeter, with information from a wildlife control specialist in this free video on pest control.


How to take care of nuisance wildlife, rodent and pest problems. This is Ed with Critter Control of Tampa Bay. How to get rid of snakes. How do you get rid of those snakes that are in the yard? Ahh, how to get rid of snakes if they're in the house? If in they're in the house I prefer a glue board. A sticky board. You can get them in many of the different marts. In many of the different hardware stores. Grocery stores carry glue boards. Snakes get caught on the glue, they can be taken outside. A little bit of cooking oil, maybe a tablespoon over the top of the snake and it will be released and you can let it go free. Let it go by it's own. Doesn't take too long but you can let the snake go on it's own. Glue boards are great for snakes. You can call a professional and he may use a pair of snake tongs. The snake tongs grasp the snake, hold it gently, and then what do you do with he snake? Well, if you have to you can put it into a snake bag. Drop it inside the snake bag. Tie it off after you shake it down. Don't just squeeze it or zip-tie it. Make sure you tie it off so it can't get back out. Carry it away and let it go. The exceptions may be the poisonous snakes. Here in Florida we have four poisonous snakes. Other parts of the country have different species but they also have up to four different types of poisonous snakes. Most of our snakes in Florida, we have 37 varieties of snakes, most of them are non poisonous. Treat them with a little bit of care. They'll help to get rid of some of the other critters that you may not want. If all else fails, call a professional. This is Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay.