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How to Kill Roaches

By Yolanda Vanveen ; Updated September 21, 2017

To kill roaches successfully, spray them down with an oil and water mixture, which covers their shells and suffocates their air supply. Eliminate cockroaches from the house, keeping the house clean to take away their food source, with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video series on home and garden.


Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to kill cockroaches or how to kill roaches. If you live in a warm climate, you know that there's nothing more disgusting than eating dinner watching cockroaches crawl up the wall right next to you. It's just disgusting but the cockroaches have been here longer than we have and they're probably going to be here longer than we will be and there's been ships that'd sunk on the bottom of the ocean for fifty years and they pulled them out of the ocean and found that the cockroaches have survived with no oxygen and no food. They've eaten the paint on the inside of the cabinets and they've eaten each other and survived. So, there's no easy way to kill a cockroach but there are some simple rules you can follow because cockroaches actually breathe through there skin there shell and so they need oxygen and they cannot breathe if there shells are covered. So, an easy way to kill them is to take just cooking oil or olive oil or any type of oil mix it with a little bit of water and spray them with that oil and they will suffocate. A lot of people say by making if you put some baking soda and sugar out they'll eat it and then you put some water out, they'll drink the water the baking soda will expand then they will die. That's another theory but I always don't want to do that if you have any pest or animals around because you don't want to them getting into it and getting sick as well. So, there's lot of different tricks. I have friends that swear by vinegar too. They just spray vinegar right on them and then there's others that swear with spiders too and cockroaches by using rubbing alcohol and just putting it in a spray bottle and spraying them and that will kill them. So, any way that you can put a cover on them so they can't breathe is pretty much the only way to kill them because even sometimes they can stand under the water in water. I read for one to two hours and they'll even survive. They don't need the water because they have so much water within the water. They can survive. So, there's all types of urban myths but in the end too, you have to address the issue why are those cockroaches where they're at. You have to take away the food supply. Get rid of all the crumbs. Clean the pantry. Clean the floors. Bleach everything and then you got to make sure there's no water standing for them and they need water and then you got to make sure that they're nesting under the house. You have everything that has screens on it. There's no way that they can get in the house if you got screens on everything. So, you need to set barriers so they can survive and we can survive because obviously they will survive without us.


About the Author


Yolanda Vanveen is a third-generation flower grower and sustainable gardener who lives in Kalama, Wash. She is the owner of VanveenBulbs.com, selling flower bulbs on the Internet, at garden shows and at farmers markets in the Pacific Northwest for more than 20 years. Vanveen holds a degree in communications and international studies from Linfield College, and is a graduate of the WSU Master Gardener Program. Vanveen represented the United States at the 2006 Indigenous Bulb Society Symposium in South Africa and has been featured on the PBS show Smart Gardening, demonstrating which way is up with flower bulbs.