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Cleaning the Carburetor of a Lawn Mower

By Peter Gutwein ; Updated September 21, 2017

Cleaning the carburetor of a lawn mower is an important part of maintenance. Get expert tips and advice on lawn mower repair & maintenance in this free video.


Hi, my name is Peter Gutwein and today we’re talking about some minor repairs to a mower and one of them is having a dirty carburetor. We’ve just removed the carburetor and now we’re going to go ahead and clean it up for you. The best way to do that is with some compressed air from like an air compressor and some carburetor cleaner and just a few basic tools. Here we have our carburetor, it’s awfully dirty on the outside so we’re just going to go ahead and spray it down with some carburetor cleaner and now we’re just going to blow it off and you probably want to blow it off away from you, outside or something. You can already see that that makes big difference on the external appearance of the carburetor and there’s a knot on the bottom of the carburetor, I use a half inch here, just set it up on your bench, kind of hold it down and then loosen her up and take her out. So if you have gas in your mower this is where some gas will come out and that’s why you want to have a rag underneath of some sort. Here you can see in your bowl if there’s any crud in there, here’s a little bit in this stuff, you can just give it some spray like some carburetor cleaner and then just wipe it out, get anything out of there. This one had some dirt in there, so it might of not been running real good, just wipe her down real good, it is thin aluminum so you don’t want to man handle it real hard, you just want to wipe it down. So the next thing you’re looking at here is you got your flow and you got a little pin in there, you got your main jet right here, so you want to go ahead and just spray some carburetor cleaner on there and then your right here. Next step would be to put it back together and make sure your rubber rings on here, you can buy a carburetor kit with new parts but this one is in pretty good shape so we’re just going to go ahead and throw back together. So put it on there, there’s no front or back on this one, on a different brand there is a front and back but you’ll have to see that when you see it. So just tighten it down and that’s basically how you clean a carburetor on a small engine.


About the Author


Peter started learning lawn mower maintenance in his high school shop class. Since then, he has worked for several different lawn mower shops over the last 8 years. He is certified in most of the major engine and equipment manufacturers.