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How to Cure Potatoes

By Doug Smiddy ; Updated September 21, 2017

Learn how to cure potatoes in this free video on home gardening.


Today we are going to talk about how to plant, grow and harvest potatoes. Now we have our potatoes. They are not quite ready to eat. We want them to dry for a little bit and you want to be gentle with them too. The skin is very soft and you want to try avoid rubbing it off which you could do very easily. So what I do is very gently take the potato and you see a little skin came off. That's okay and just brush it off with your hand. Don't wash them. I don't like using a brush and just clean them up a little bit nice and gentle and take off that little stem and you get the idea. What I do and this is very important is I put them in a bag or a box. The point is you don't want them to be exposed to the sunlight too long. Like I said before they are going to turn green and that is going to ruin them. Put them in the garage or porch out of the sunlight. That works. A bag or a box and keep them out of the direct sunlight. Once they are cured, you can put a brush to them and clean them off real nice. Give them about 10 days to 2 weeks to cure and they are ready to eat for baking, mashing or whatever you want to do. Have fun and enjoy.


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Doug Smiddy has had an active interest in gardening as long has he can remember. "When people ask me haw long I've been gardening, I like to tell them that I've had the dirt under my fingernails since I was a kid. Perhaps I should wash them!" After working for a very popular garden center and nursery for over 6 years, and becoming a certified Master Gardener in 2004, he now owns his own successful business, Smiddy's Gardening Services, a very in-demand local company. "I think that the greatest pleasure I get is from giving lectures at local libraries, and from teaching kids about gardening when I work with the 4H clubs here in Vermont. It's true what they say, to teach is to learn."