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Strawberry Plant Care

By Stan DeFreitas ; Updated September 21, 2017

There's nothing sweeter than homegrown strawberries. Learn all about strawberry plant care with gardening tips from a horticulturist in this free gardening video.


Hi, I'm Stan De Freitas, Mr. Green Thumb, for On Gardening. Strawberry plants are great plants to have in baskets, and in your vegetable garden area. The Strawberry plant is an easy plant to grow, and of course we've had it growing for just about ever, it seems. Most of the people will think of Strawberries with straw on of course, but you can also grow them in containers. As has been pointed out, the Strawberry has its seeds on the outside. Of course, they're not much of a seed, but they're there. You can harvest across Strawberries on a regular basis. Remember, the Strawberries need about six hours of bright sun a day, and as the name implies, straw used to be used to cover them during the cold times. If you get a real cold spell, you may either want to put a coating of ice on them, or you may want to put some straw over them, as well. The Strawberry plant is a nice addition to the lawn and landscape, as far as it's an edible plant that's a pretty plant, as well. Of course, you have this fruit here. Make sure you keep harvesting it. Just like you'd take chicken eggs, the more you harvest, the more it will keep producing. Here, you see we've got some Strawberry ready to harvest, some that's still coming on, and you've actually got a green one, as well. Strawberry plants are easy to grow, they're fun to grow, and they're tasty. For On Gardening, I'm Stan De Freitas, Mr. Green Thumb.


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Stan DeFreitas, also known as "Mr. Green Thumb", has experience as an urban horticulturist working for the Pinellas County Extension Service and has taught horticulture at the St. Petersburg College. "Mr. Green Thumb" has spread gardening know-how on radio, TV and newspaper columns in both the Clearwater Sun and the Tampa Tribune. DeFreitas is the number one gardening advisor in the state of Florida, was the first to establish a "community garden" in Pinellas County, and helped start the first Master Garden Program in Pinellas County. DeFreitas was also twice Jaycees Horticulture "Man of the Year", was awarded the landscape design award from the city of St. Petersburg Beach, and was the host of the highest rated garden show on local PBS.