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Avocado Tree Care

Homegrown avocados make great gardening trees. Learn all about avocado tree care with gardening tips from a horticulturist in this free gardening video.


Hi, I'm Stan De Freitas, Mr. Green Thumb. One of the fruiting trees that you may love is that of the Avocado. I like them because they're, well Pre-Guacamole. I like Guacamole, and I like Avocados. It's easy to grow, and I will tell you that in general, if you start it off from a pit, the smaller the fruit, usually the more cold hardy it is. This one happens to be a Winter Mexican, so it's a smaller fruit, but it will probably take down into the teens. If you get the real big ones that look like a football, they probably won't take down much below freezing without some injury. Almost every Avocado would be true to its source and that being if you raise it from a seed, it probably will be very close to what the seedling was. If you want exactly what you're looking for, you may want to graft it, and often we'll see where the scion, and the rootstock are grafted, and we'll get a variety that will start to fruit in two or three years. If you take a seedling, it may take seven to ten years for that seedling to produce, and it may not produce as regularly as you'd like. Avocados make a nice addition. Full sun, great plant, a little fertilizer about every three or four months, and you'll be into Guacamole. For On Gardening, I'm Stan De Freitas, Mr. Green Thumb.