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How to Make a PVC Pipe Hydroponic System for Four Plants

By Paul Holowko ; Updated September 21, 2017

Making a PVC pipe hydroponics system for four plants is something that you do with six inch PVC pipes. Make a PVC pipe hydroponic system for four plants with help from an experienced gardening professional in this free video clip.


Hi, I'm Paul Holowko. Today, we're going to make a hydroponic system out of PVC pipe for four plants. It's actually quite simple to do and it's really cost effective if you are really the home builder. So the way you start out is with a six inch PVC pipe. It's actually quite simple, take a 3 and 1/2 inch drill which basically it looks like this, drill it in here like that to be able to fit your pots in there. These pots I got at a hydroponic store. They're relatively inexpensive and they have these little baskets where the roots can grow out. The next thing you need to do is a reservoir and within the reservoir you will need your pump. This is a regular submersible pump that I got at a hydroponic store. It's roughly about 10 to 15 gallons per minute and it has a head pressure that pushes up the top here and water comes in here, goes up here, this is a threaded coupling, goes into a half inch pipe going out into a regular garden sprayer hose attachment and this goes into your reservoir. So last is to assemble the entire system. So you have a five gallon bucket that I have over here which is basically any paint bucket, put your pump system in there with some water and take your six inch PVC pipe. Here I have three buckets here and I attached a hose with a sprayer at the end. Here you can do two things. Since you are doing a hydroponic system you really just want the water to flow in here and then go through and then back into the reservoir and just have it go through. You put your chemicals in here and you check all your water parts per million and all your nutrients in here and you just allow the water just to flow and the roots will grow down through this pot and then slide down into here. So then you turn your pump on and you have an automatic hydroponic system.


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Paul Holowko’s father, who holds a Master's in Agriculture, taught him how to prune trees using loppers and a chainsaw at the age of 10.