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Simple Ideas for Front Yard Landscaping

By Brent Green ; Updated September 21, 2017

Simple ideas for front yard landscaping include things like placing Spanish tile on your front walkway or terracotta pottery. Get simple ideas for front yard landscaping with help from a horticulturist and landscape designer in this free video clip.


Hello, my name is Brent Green. I'm here to talk about simple ideas for front yard. The main thing about a front yard is the front yard is your calling card. It's what passer buyers will see when they pass by your place. They may never get inside but they see it when they first pass buy. I think you need to take a queue from architecture. If you have a Spanish style house, pull up a Spanish architecture. With this house here, I've put up a Spanish tile walkway, terracotta pottery or plants that actually look good in front of a Spanish architectural house. That's a good way to really connect the landscape with your architecture and finishing. Other simple ideas are foundation plantings, things that would, can grow along the base of the house or accentuate the architecture of the house in a way if it's not just working yet, the ground meeting the house. I thin it frames the house in a really nice way and gives you texture and color that kind of ground the house to the landscape. I think that's essential. The other thing is planting a tree in the front of a house just to give you a focal point in front of the house. Maybe even you can use that tree as a subject matter that can be lit at night; to give it some curb appeal. Trees are very essential, they're a dominant feature, a home is a dominant feature, I think the two work really well together in concert. So, those are some simple ideas that you can use to landscape your house and really played it up in a curb appeal kind of way.


About the Author

Horticulturist and landscape designer Brent Green has been conceptualizing and installing remarkably distinctive, functional and beautiful landscapes for a quarter of a century.