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How to Build a Raised Garden Bed Using Slats

Building a raised garden bed using slats is a great way to achieve not only a really fun and unique look in your garden but also to conserve space. Build a raised garden bed using slats with help from a master gardener with certification in permacultural design in this free video clip.


Hello, my name is Jessica Craven and I'm a Master Gardener with my certification in Permaculture Design. What I want to talk about is how to build a raised bed garden using slats. So, you have a few options with this. Right here as you can see, this garden bed is made from pressed wood and it actually is non-toxic and I did quite a bit of research to make certain, that it wouldn't give off any toxins because I definitely want to be eating the vegetables inside my garden bed. Now, what you want to do as something like this, is to simply measure out how long you want your pieces because you're going to need to cut them. I would recommend never making a raised garden bed, any wider than three feet. Otherwise, it's difficult to reach into the center of the garden. You definitely want to have some post, something like this, to give it some stability and put one in each corner as well as in the middle. I like t put at the bottom of my bed, I like to have hardware cloth and that's the metal quarter inch hardware cloth. This would prevent any gophers or moles or anything like that from digging up to the bottom of my garden and damaging my plants. Now, if you didn't want to purchase some type of wood, you want to maybe reuse something, you can disassemble a wooden palate. A lot of times those pieces are wood are exactly three feet or exactly four feet, so you could make either a three-foot square garden bed or four-foot square garden bed. Four-foot square might be a little bit difficult to reach in the middle, but you definitely have the opportunity to reuse that wood and most of it is not treated, so it doesn't have anything toxic that would hurt your plants. So, those are a couple of tips on building your garden bed. No matter what you do, I would encourage you to put something at the bottom to prevent anybody from growth coming in and eating your vegetables that you're trying to grow. Thank you.