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How to Sow Spinach Seeds

By Kathy Martin ; Updated September 21, 2017

Sowing spinach seeds requires nice, cool soil and a few other key elements. Sow spinach seeds with help from a longtime and experienced gardener in this free video clip.


Hi, I'm Kathy Martin, author of the blog Skippy’s Vegetable Garden, a journal of my sustainable garden. I'm here in my backyard in Belmont, Massachusetts and I'd like to show you how to sow spinach seeds. So spinach is a cool season crop, it likes to be planted in cool soil and this spring is perfect time for planting it. I'm gonna show you 2 ways to plant it both in seed cells and in my garden directly in the soil. I like to use seed cells when I am gonna plant things in my community garden plot because then I can keep these under lights here at home and tend them carefully and then bring them over to the garden. So I have some potting soil. It's good to use a, a good potting soil and clean seed trays. You don't want any residue, any germs from previous plantings to be in a seed cell. I fill it flat. I like to have the soil tamped down pretty firmly and now that we've tamped down the soil we're ready to add the seeds. This variety of spinach is Bloomsdale Long Standing. It's a slow growing spinach that's bred to mature in the warm weather so planting it in the spring now it'll mature in the summer. There are different varieties of spinach that are bred for different temperatures so you can experiment with different varieties. So I like to put about 4 seeds in a cell. After they come up we can separate the different, the seedlings and plant them individually but here I have about 4 seeds per cell. Return this extra seeds back to the package. Spinach saves pretty well so I do like to save my seed packages from year to year. This is about 3 years old and has been sprouting very well for me this year. The next step is to cover the seeds. I'm gonna add a little bit more, a thin layer of soil. These seeds are gonna end up covered with about a quarter inch of soil. Again, tamp down the soil and the seed label goes in the seed cell. The next step is to water the plants. So we'll water the seeds now. I like to get the soil good and soaked and there we go. Now they're ready to go under the plant lights. Spinach likes a nice rich soil so what I'm gonna do first is to add some compost to the location I'm gonna plant. This is compost I've made here from all of my garden waste and kitchen waste. I'm gonna add a shovel full. I'm gonna add a couple shovel fulls. The best would be to add 2 inches of compost to the area you're planting and then going to turn it under the soil a bit. I do have some irrigation lines here so I'm not turning very deep and I'm being careful of my, my irrigation lines. I like to use boards in the garden both to stand on so I don't compress the soil and to give me a straight line for planting rows. So I'm gonna smooth out the soil here a bit, bit more and then I'm ready to, to plant. I'm gonna use a tool to plant a farrow, just draw it along parallel with the board and then the seeds are gonna go in here and I'm gonna plant them about, trying to space them about an inch apart and then the farrow is covered and the seeds are all set to, to start growing now. I'm gonna label the seeds, label the row spinach and put it right in. So here's some full grown spinach that I've been harvesting and it's really delicious. This is spinach that I've planted last August. It grew a bit last fall, over winter it didn't do much and then in the spring it comes to life and grows really fast, and that's how to sow spinach seeds. I'm Kathy Martin, author of the blog blog Skippy’s Vegetable Garden, enjoy your sustainable garden and grow some healthy vegetables.


About the Author

Kathy Martin began growing her own food nearly 40 years ago, as a teenager.