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How to Plant Tomatoes Using Bone Meal, Sugar & Epsom Salts

Planting tomatoes using bone meal, sugar and Epsom salts is a great way to make sure that your plants always have all the nutrients that they need. Plant tomatoes using bone meal, sugar and Epsom salts with help from a classically-trained chef with experience in both world-class restaurants and private dining companies in this free video clip.


Hi, I'm Farm to Table Chef, Teca Thompson at, and today we're talking about how to plant tomato plants with sugar, bone meal and Epsom salts. So the bone meal adds phosphorus to the soil and the sugar is going to add, it's going to naturally offset the acid in the tomato plant and make your tomatoes actually sweeter and then the Epsom salts will add sulfur and magnesium. So I'm just going to take you through the process of how to plant them. So we're going to start with a large hole. Since we're adding so much we want to make it bigger and larger than it would normally be. Alrighty, so I'm going to take a bucket of mulch and just a big handful of mulch that I've already started with and I'm going to add to that a cup of bone meal and a cup of organic granulated sugar. And you can of course use whatever kind of sugar, it's just that I have an all organic garden so I'm going to use all organic sugar. Alrighty, so I'm going to give this a mix and I'm going to pour it into my hole. And then I'll just give that mixture a mix with the soil and why you are adding the mulch is because when it breaks, as it breaks down it will add nutrients to the soil. I'm going to take my tomato plant like this very gently, I'm going to plant this one, it's called burying the plant deep and what it's going to do is it's actually going to shoot roots off of the stem and it will anchor the plant into the ground and also help it suck up more moisture. I'm going to work to loosen the root ball. I'm just going to set it right down in that fertile mixture for it. So you're going to actually cover some of the leaves and stem. There we go. And then I'm going to pour about a cup of Epsom salts over the top of the soil. I'm going to work this in with my hands a little bit and then I'm going to water the plant into the ground, a generous water and that is how you plant tomato plants with sugar, Epsom salts and bone meal. I'm Farm to Table Chef, Teca Thompson at Thank you for watching.