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Fertilizing Boxwood

Boxwood plants come in many different varieties, including the wonderful pyramid variety. Learn about fertilizing boxwoods with help from an experienced gardening expert in this free video clip.


A real foundation plant of the garden, a Boxwood. This is Nicholas Staddon from Monrovia Nursery. Today we're going to talk about fertilizing Boxwood. Boxwoods are really easy plants to take care of and the great thing is they are evergreen so they've got some color all the year round. So when it comes to fertilizing Boxwoods, plants which are in a container, this is a wonderful pyramid variety. You can see how she is pruned regularly. We use these plants on doorways, entryways, etc. They need to be fertilized every 30/40 days and so I'm a real fan of this slow release fertilizer. I use the prescribed amount. I just gently sprinkle around the plant making sure it's of an equal amount and then the other great fertilizer I use is compost. There's nothing like it, full of lots of natural ingredients and it also helps hold the moisture in with the plant. Okay, so that's your container. If you have a Boxwood in the ground whether it's a single plant, a hedge, whatever it might be, they're going to need pretty much the same treatment. Again with a slow release fertilizer, sprinkle the prescribed amount liberally around the drip line of the plant, that's to the edge of the foliage and then lastly finish it off with a couple of good handfuls of compost. And the other great thin about this compost is it helps hold moisture in those plants and that's really important during the long hot dry Summers. You can have all sorts of fun with these plants. Boxwoods are really easy plants to work with. This is Nicholas Staddon from Monrovia Nursery on fertilizing Boxwood.