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How to Trim Dead Blossoms From an African Violet

Trimming dead blossoms from an African violet requires you to have access to a nice pair of manicure scissors and a few other basic tools. Trim dead blossoms from an African violet with help from an experienced professional gardener in this free video clip.


This is Nell Foster for, and today I am going to show you how to trim dead blossoms off an African violet. And I have this sweet little African violet here that I'm going to demonstrate on and these are what I use for a bigger jobs. And this for smaller jobs. But for a delicate job like this I go in to my bathroom drawer and I pull out my manicure scissors because these work just fine for the job I'm going to do and you will see why. With African violets as you can see here the stem goes down and then it branches off and the flowers off of here. So there's these two blossoms which are dying or are going to be dead very soon and you don't want to take off the whole stem because you still have this one that's coming out and these that look good so you just want to go back. Take it all the way back to that main stem and you just want to cut out right there. And I'm going to through and demonstrate on a few more. This one looks OK and that one looks OK but this one. I'm going to leave that one actually because it has this one see there's a little new one coming off there and I'm going to move all the way around this plant because it's small so I can show you exactly what I'm going to do. Here's one here and it's coming off of this stem so I want to cut it right here. These are a little bit hard to tell because see where they're all kind of closed up and they look a little bit shriveled but this is actually a new bud coming on it. This one looks OK that one's OK that one's OK too. And I think we've got the plant all cleaned up. And that is simply all you do. These stems they're a little bit brittle they can break easily so just be careful when you're pruning off the dead blossoms because you can break a stem on it. And that is simply all you do. That's actually I think I'm going to take this one here because it looks a little dead and then there's a couple new buds coming on that. And as you can see here are the dead blossoms right here. And surprisingly African violet blossoms although they look fairly delicate are long lasting so you won't have to do it too often at all. This is Nell Foster for, and I have just shown you how to trim dead blossoms off an African violet.