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How to Landscape Around Fire Pits

Landscaping around fire pits is a whole lot easier than you probably think it is. Landscape around fire pits with help from a landscape designer in this free video clip.


Good afternoon, my name is Thomas Lowe and I'm a landscape designer in Atlanta, Georgia. This afternoon I will be talking with you about fire pits in your landscape design. One thing about fire pits in your landscape, I highly recommend before placing your fire pit in your landscape design make sure there are no overhanging branches and tree limbs above where you're going to build your fire pit as well as any homes are sheds. You obviously don't want anything to catch on fire. Second of all, you can do a recess fire pit where the fire put is below grade, however you will need to make sure that the fire pit is above grade just one or two inches and that you always have a hole for drainage in your fire pit so if it rains it obviously doesn't pool up and you have a little pond it's going to drain out. I usually in my designs usually like to have a sitting wall around the fire pit that's 20 inches tall for good sitting. 20 to 24 inches for good sitting and also a good width of at least a foot so that you have some nice areas to sit in a circle all the way around the fire pit. I do not recommend a lot of plants close to the fire pits. Maybe some smaller succulents or smaller ground covers in some very small areas because there should be a lot of people going up to the fire put and you do not want to trample your plants. The area around the fire pit I would recommend decorative gravel tamped or a flag stone patio. This way there's not a lot of wear and tear on your grass. If you just set the fire pit in your grass you will find that there is a lot of wear and tear that could go in with your grass so I recommend a gravel path, stepping stones or a flag stone patio. And then obviously you could do some chairs or some boulders nearby for an area to sit. Always think about where you're going to be sitting, whether it's on the edge or away from the fire pit. Have a great day. Thank you.