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How to Landscape With Brick Pavers

By Thomas Lowe ; Updated September 21, 2017

Landscaping with brick pavers is a very common way to add a walkway to your overall landscape design. Landscape with brick pavers with help from a landscape designer in this free video clip.


Good afternoon, my name is Thomas Lowe and I'm a landscape designer in Atlanta, Georgia. Today I will be talking about how to install brick pavers in a landscape. You can use brick pavers for a patio or as a brick paver walkway in your landscape design. First of all whether it's a brick walkway or a brick patio you'll need to establish some type of retention or edging for your brick walkway or patio. In this instance we've used an old garden plot and we have some old brick edging in here for retention as we make this paver patio. So once we've established an edging as shown here then you'll need to establish the type or style of brick patio or walkway that you want. Today we'll be using a running bon pallen. There's also heron bon, as well as basket weave as well as several others. So first of all I've already established the side pieces or the edge pieces. Then I would measure your brick pavers. This brick paver is eight inches so what you'd need to do in a running bon pattern whether it's a paver patio or a walkway is find the middle of your brick paver which is four inches and then you would put at your four inch mark on this paver right up against this next line or edge because this locks the running bon pattern in the pavers together. After that process I would go in and get some paver base. Paver base comes in bags. You can also get it delivered by a truck. And you just take the paver base and you sprinkle it all about on top of the sub base is tamped. Now the reason you use paver base is it's much easier to help level the pavers. So once you put down your paver base, then you go back in and you always make sure that where these two pavers join, the joint here is lined up in the center of your next paver to lock it together better. And also if you notice I wouldn't necessarily do a straight row this way. You always work from the side and from the top so it goes in a triangle manner like this. That actually helps to make sure that the overall area is level and after you do that, you go back in after all of the pavers are laid in and they're all level you go back and you use a paver sand to sprinkle over the top. Because if you notice on the paveres there are these little bumps or ridges. And it's designed that way so that it creates a gap in between or creates an opening so that the sand or the paver base can fall down in to the joints which locks it together even more. A broom works really well to do this. You can also use your gardening trowel to smooth this over the edges. I'll lay a few more in here. On an area about the size that I'm using here, that's about six by eight it may take you a couple hours to get this process down and the brick pavers are very durable and they'll last quite a long time. Thank you very much and have a great afternoon.


About the Author

Thomas Lowe has created one-of-a-kind, multifunctional designs for the likes of Food Network Star, Alton Brown.