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How to Transplant Bamboos

Transplanting bamboos is something that you have to do with a certain amount of care and delicacy. Transplant bamboos with help from an author and garden adviser in this free video clip.


Hello, I'm David King. I'm the author of the book "Growing Food in Southern California". Today, I'm going to show you how we're going to propagate bamboo from cuttings. There are two different kinds of bamboo. One is the clumping kind and the other one is called the running kind. The running kind sends out a runner and they're very very easy to propagate. Let's show you how. From the stand of bamboo behind me we have this runner that has come out extending all the way out here with two clumps of bamboo already started. The easy way to do it would be simply to take this one plant, cut it off on either end, dig it out and plant it. If you wanted to have many plants of bamboo, each one of these bumps along the runner are nodes. Each node will produce a plant, however, if you cut too small of a piece, it might not have enough energy to be able to send up its own plant so you want to cut a couple of buds together to make each individual plant. But for now let's work with the existing plant that we have. We're going to take the shovel, place it near the part we want to dig up and of course, it slid right off the piece of bamboo. Let's try that again. There we go, cut right through the bamboo like that. I'll cut around on the other side and we'll soon have a plant. We're going to take this little piece of bamboo over to the potting bench. We'll add some soil to a pot, we'll put it in there and we'll have ourselves another bamboo plant. We've got roots on this puppy. My name is David King and we've just made a bamboo plant from a cutting.