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How to Make Wrist Corsages With Roses

By Candace Kentopian ; Updated September 21, 2017

Many different types of flowers, including roses, can be used to make wrist corsages. Learn how to make wrist corsages with roses with help from the lead designer at Jasmine's Garden in this free video clip.


Hello, my name is Diana Wetzel. And I am the lead designer here at Jasmin's Garden. Today I'm going to show you how to make a pin on corsage. So, the first thing you want to do is make sure that you have all your items and tools ready for you to work. Have a pair of clippers, green floral tape, thin wires, some pins here. So, what I've selected here were white lisianthus and white roses. In each flower, I removed the greens and inserted a wire right in the rose hip for the roses, and the center point of the lisianthus. Twist it from the bottom of the stem. So, you want to take your green tape and cover the top part of the rose. And tightly with your fingers you want to roll that green floral tape from the top to the bottom of the wire. Just cover it all with the green floral tape, snap it off with your fingers and there you go, you've secured one rose. And I've done that for both the roses. I will be using three blooms of the lisianthus, and inserting the wire through the center of the lisianthus, and bringing the wire to the end and securing it by twisting it at the bottom ends of the stems. And If finish it off again with the green floral tape, tightly wrapping it, making sure that the wire is very secured into the bloom. OK. So, putting this all together, I start off with the rose and from the rose I used also the two white lisianthus that kind of gives it a balance. Make sure that this is all secure with thOe floral tape. Wrap it very very tightly together. OK. It doesn't have to be perfect at this moment. OK. Just like so. Add your rose here and the lisianthus here at the bottom. And take your floral tape, OK, do it one more time. Make sure it's nicely wrapped, tightly and the flowers will be very secured together. You can use a pen or a pole, anything that's lean. You just want to wrap that wire along to that pencil and making sure that it's very, very, secure and making a very decorative spiral. It gives that organic look. I have these two pins here that would definitely make sure that the flowers are very secured on to your dress. My name is Diana from Jasmine's Garden and this is my traditional pin on corsage.


About the Author

Diana Wetzel is the lead designer at Jasmine's Garden, one of the most popular flower shops in Los Angeles, California.