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The Best Turf Supreme Fertilizer Settings for Spreaders

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Simplot manufactures Turf Supreme fertilizer under its BEST brand especially for turfgrasses in lawns, athletic fields and golf courses. Turf Supreme, and Turf Supreme with other features, are granular fertilizers rich in nitrogen that include potassium and potash in a ratio that may help keep turfgrass healthy and green. Use a broadcast spreader and follow package directions on the fertilizer to ensure correct and even application. Settings vary on different brands of spreaders.

Turf Supreme

According to Simplot's company website, BEST Turf Supreme 16-6-8 contains nitrogen, phosphate and potash in a ratio of 4:1:2. The fertilizer also contains sulfur and iron in each pellet. To apply Turf Supreme 16-6-8, the manufacturer recommends settings of 5 3/4B on the BEST Pro model spreader and 5.1 on the Spyker/BEST models 34, 44 and 64. Use a setting of 17 on the Earthway spreader and 18 on the Lesco spreader. If you have a Scotts R-8A (Cone 4), set the spreader to "M." One 50-lb. bag should cover 8,000 square feet.

Turf Supreme with Trimec

Turf Supreme 16-6-8 with Trimec contains 16 percent combined sulfur, 1.5 percent iron and 0.2 percent manganese, along with weed killer. The fertilizer company's website states the weed killing action of the fertilizer combination can eliminate dandelion, chickweed, spurge and other weeds that crop up in lawns while providing the grass with essential nutrients. Turf Supreme with Trimec should be applied at the rate of 5 pounds per 1,000 square feet per application, and should not be applied more than twice per year, nor be used on St. Augustinegrass. Spreader settings recommended by the manufacturer on its website are 4B for BEST brand spreaders and 3.7 for Spyker/BEST models 34, 44 and 64. If you have an Earthway spreader, set it to 12. Set Lesco spreaders to 13 and a Scotts R-8A (Cone 8) at JA1/2.

Best Turf Gold

BEST Turf Gold is a mixture of BEST Turf Supreme and X-Cote polymer- and sulfur-coated urea; apply with any spreader, except for drop-type spreaders. A 50-lb. bag of BEST Turf Gold should cover 8,800 square feet. Set BEST Pro spreaders at 5 3/4B, BEST models 34, 44 and 64 at 5.0 and Scotts R-8A spreaders on "Q." Set Earthway spreaders at 15 and Lesco spreaders at 17.


You do not need to water Best Turf Gold immediately after application; wait up to 24 hours before watering. If you use any of the other formulations of Best Turf Supreme, sweep up any fertilizer spills on sidewalks or driveways, then water the grass thoroughly.

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