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Craftsman 6.5 HP Lawn Mower Parts

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Craftsman product model number 917377641 is a walk-behind lawn mower with an engine capable of producing 6.5 horsepower. As with all Craftsman products, the mower is produced for and sold exclusively through Sears. The exact model is no longer available in 2010, though similar mowers are produced and sold. Mower parts include major components like the engine and mower deck and smaller parts included in larger systems, like the main frame and wheel assembly.


Craftsman mower model number 917377641 has an engine with an operable capacity of 6.5 horsepower. The engine sits on top of the mower deck and has an unleaded gasoline capacity of 1.5 qt. Displacement on the 917377641’s engine is 12.56 cubic inches. Engine displacement is a measurement of the total volume of air displaced by all cylinders of an engine during one full rise and fall. An engine starter and drive control bar are parts that start and control the power output of the engine. The carburetor and air filter help monitor the admixture of gas and air in the engine. The spark plug on the 917377641 is a Champion RJ19LM or a J19LM.

Mower Deck

All lawn mowers are equipped with a mower deck. The Craftsman 917377641 is no exception to this rule. A mower deck is a domed metal piece that also serves as the central component of the main frame. The engine is mounted on top of the deck, and the mower blades are housed underneath it. Parts of the mower deck include the nuts and bolts that affix the blade to the underside of the engine and the engine pulley used to transfer power from the engine to the blade. The mower blade on the 917377641 is connected to a chute that transfers mulched and cut grass to the rear mounted bag designed to hold mower discharge.

Main Frame Parts

The main frame of the Craftsman 917377641 is the central component to which all other parts and systems attach. The central component is the mower deck. Ancillary main frame parts include the handle and drive control bar, engine pulley, grass catcher bag, catcher frame and mulcher plug. The mulcher plug is a moving part that mulches material cut by the mower as it is transferred through the chute to the grass bag. Other main frame parts include all the nuts, bolts, screws and washers need to affix all of these pieces to one another.

Wheel Assembly Parts

Wheel assembly on the Craftsman 91737764 includes the mower’s four wheels and all the parts required to attach the wheels to the main frame. Wheel assembly parts include all the nuts, bolts, washers and screws needed to affix the wheels to the main frame. Other parts include a dust shroud that protects the engine and blades from being invaded with dust produced by the mower’s motion, wheel pinions, brackets and the V-belt. A connecting rod anchors all of the wheels together so that they move in unison as the unit is manually moved forward.

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