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Parts List for Craftsman Lawn Tractor Model 917.273180

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Craftsman product model number 917273180 is a lawn tractor,or riding mower. The mower is an electric start, automatic transmission machine capable of generating 17 horsepower. It has a maximum forward speed of 5.5 miles per hour and a maximum reverse speed of 2.4 miles per hour. Parts for the Craftsman 917273180 are most easily described through the systems of which those parts are components. Such systems include electric, ground drive and steering assembly.

Engine Parts

Craftsman lawn tractor model number 917273180 is equipped with a Kohler cv490-27532 engine. Other parts of the engine system include the fuel tank and cap, which supply oil to the engine, and a fuel line, hose cap, and oil drain that work to keep the engine running smoothly. The throttle and choke of the 917273180 are also connected to the engine. Throttles and chokes meter the mixture of air and gasoline present in the carburetor of an engine to insure the proper ratio is present. A number of screws, bolts, and washers are also present.

Electrical System Parts

The electrical system of the Craftsman 917273180 lawn tractor begins with the battery. The battery is the heart of a system that also includes a number of fuses, cables and switches. The electrical system ignition switch is a part that, when triggered by the mower’s user, sends a signal to the engine in order to start the mower. In addition to a number of small parts such as bolts, plugs, wire casings and sealants, the electrical system also has a harness or solid frame to which the wires are connected so that they maintain a rigid form. The harness prevents electrical system components from interfering with other parts in the mower.

Ground Drive System Parts

The ground drive system on a Craftsman lawn tractor is responsible for translating the power generated by the engine to the wheels. Countless small parts like bolts, screws, washers, plugs, decals and sealants exist alongside major parts like the transaxle and torque strap in this system. The transaxle is a complex moving part that transfers energy on front-wheel-drive vehicles from the front wheel axle to the rear wheel axle so that all the wheels on the vehicle turn in tandem.

Steering Assembly System Parts

Steering assemble parts allow users of the Craftsman 917273180 lawn tractor to drive the thing. Steering assemble parts begin--or end, depending on which way you look at it--with the steering wheel. The steering apparatus and steering shaft connect the steering wheel to the axles of both the front and rear wheels. The steering apparatus and the shaft relay instructions from the wheel to the axles so that the tractor turns on command from the driver. Countless small connecting parts are also a part of this system.

Other Parts

There are a number of parts to the Craftsman 917273180 lawn tractor that do not fall into any of these systems. The chassis of the mower, or shell, is a major and very visible part that protects the innards of the machine while providing what is to some an attractive exterior. To others it is surely nothing more than the shell of a lawn mower. Other parts of the mower include the seat and various components connecting the seat to the chassis, the wheels and tires, a number of decals, and the mower deck, which houses the blades and is responsible for actually cutting grass.

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