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The Best 2 Acre Tractor Tillers

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Tractor tillers consist of a tractor engine that powers a tilling mechanism. The tractor may be a four-wheeled machine that you sit on, or a two-wheeled machine that you walk behind and push. Two-wheeled tractor tillers cost less, are easier to maintain and to maneuver in small spaces, and they take up less storage room. Two-wheeled tractor tillers are common in Europe where small family farms of one or two acres still abound.


BCS two-wheeled tractor tillers are made in Italy. BCS machines are sturdy, with a gear-driven rather than belt-driven transmission. The company makes several tractor models and rear-tine tillers. For two acres, choose one of the larger 11- or 13-horsepower models. The 732 model has an 11-horsepower Honda engine and two forward and reverse speeds. It can accommodate a 26-inch or 30-inch tiller attachment. The 853 and 948 models both have a 13-horsepower Honda engine and three forward and reverse speeds. The 853 can take either the 26- or 30-inch tiller attachment, while the 948 is designed specifically for a 33-inch tiller. The 26-inch tiller attachment can be adjusted down to 20 inches, and the 30-inch tiller can be adjusted down to 26 inches. Built-in safety features prevent tilling in reverse. Tilling depth can be adjusted from a few inches down to 8 inches. BCS makes other attachments, including several types of mowers and snowblowers. Another option is a riding sulky to transport the tiller for short distances. BCS tractor tillers work as hard as a four-wheeled tractor, yet are small enough to transport on a trailer or pickup truck bed.


Kubota is a Japanese company that started manufacturing in the United States in 1988. Kubota first introduced smaller four-wheel drive tractors to the U.S. market in 1972, and now makes over 80 tractor models ranging from 18 to 13 horsepower. For a two-acre small farm, choose one of Kubota’s L Series, available in 30 to 59 horsepower. Tillers are available from 40- to 60-inch widths. Kubota also manufactures attachments for excavation, snowplowing, mowing and other functions. Consult with your local dealer dealer to choose the implements you need, and to ensure the tractor and tiller are compatible. Kubota tractors are heavy-duty yet easy to operate.

John Deere

John Deere makes commercial agricultural and construction equipment, including four-wheeled driving tractors. The 2000 small-chassis tractor line or 3000 mid-chassis series are best suited for two acres. John Deere’s smallest tiller attachments are 48 inches or 55 inches. Both are compatible with several of the 2000 and 3000 models. The 2000 series features tractors ranging from 24 to 31 horsepower, while the 3000 series tractor engines range from 27 to 43 horsepower. Depending on your crop, John Deer recommends the 2520 or 3320 model for tilling two acres, both of which have a three-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine.

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